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Hello everyone, following on from the fantastic announcement that we are one of the PPANI Wedding Album of the year 2015 finalists it occurred to me that I spoke about the work we put in to make your fantastic wedding album. But I completely glossed over all the work that you guys have to do beforehand, picking your photographs in the first place. In this post though, I thought I would give you some hints and pointers to give you a hand when you come to picking your photographs for your wedding album.

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Firstly – Pick whatever you like!

Sorry, for the most part this whole thing is down to you and what you like. It’s entirely up to you which photos you choose, no one can really help you with this one. You and your new husband/wife need to sit down and look at them all and decide between yourselves. My only advice here is to pick the images that you love. Some people like to have an overview of the whole day in their album, Some people want it to be full of their families, some want it full of the little details while others want it to be full of just the couple. But that decision is up to you guys.

Sarah and Iain Belfast castle Wedding

Know how many images your chosen album can hold

It’s a good idea to know how many photos you need to choose, most albums at the absolute maximum will only hold about 75 photos without the pages looking cramped. Remember you will probably receive anywhere from 250 to 400 photos and depending on the type of album you have chosen you wont be able to put every image in it.

Start with your Gold stars & your rejects

Start by grading all of the photos into your Gold Silver and Bronze stars, you could even take all your prints out of your slip in album and lay them out on the floor and sort them that way, (hint hint they are all numbered on the back to make it easier for you to match them up with the online ones 😉 Start with your gold stars, work from there trust me chances of you having to use any of your bronze stars are pretty slim. By having a clear idea about what you want in your album you can usually reject some images off the bat when choosing those 75 for your album. For example if you want your album just to reflect you and your new partners love? Then you can disregard all the family shots and all the detail shots right off.

Think about page flow

When you have picked all of your pictures have a quick think about how they all come together and if you have any that even if you love love love it is the only one from that part of the day? does it fit with any of the others from the rest of the day or do you love it enough for it to be a full page? if its a full pager no worries but it it has to sit with others on a page then maybe rather than get it in the album get a large print of it instead 🙂

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Full pages or cropped in?

Which are the ones that you would like to be full pages or even double pages, your group photo for instance or that long one of you guys walking perhaps, or what about cropped in that one of you laughing so hard from the speeches?

Emma & David's Wedding

Finally Remember – to ignore all of this advice

This is just advice in the end, feel free to totally ignore me 🙂 pick whatever you want. But do remember to show off your album. They are tremendously hard wearing and won’t fade under normal use. So show them off! 🙂

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