Featured: Photographer “pet” gripes causing you to hate your photographs

Hi Everyone for this week I thought I would ask Graham what are his top photographer pet gripes about a wedding day. Stuff that brides probably wouldn’t realise were a pain, and how to solve them so you don’t end up disappointed in your photographs.

Pet Gripe Number 5 – Overly ambitious time schedules

This isn’t something that really affects us too often to be honest. Graham will normally have talked through your schedule with you before the wedding so he usually irons out any of the finer points about how long things actually take and how much time you will have between things then. But still, you will get the odd time especially if the wedding is in the winter months when the time scales just aren’t realistic for photographs. Please bear in mind that it gets dark in NI from about 4pm from November right through unit the end of March so your 2.30pm ceremony and your hour travel to your venue after will mean that you will more than likely be arriving In the dark which never makes for the best photographs. Try and plan earlier ceremonies in the winter months to make the most of the light available.

Pet Gripe Number 4 – The IPad uncle bob

Now everyone these days probably has an “uncle bob” attending the wedding, these are the guys/gals who show up with their DSLR cameras some of the time better spec’d than mine who “take a few landscapes at weekends” but increasingly we are finding that more and more people are bringing IPad to weddings and taking photographs with them. The main probable with that is that an IPad is really big and obscure such a lot especially when you are coming back down the aisle and suddenly Mr IPad jumps out in front of you to take “a quick snap”. The trouble is now you look like you have an IPad for a head in my photos. 🙁 try asking your guests to stick to their phones if they want to get some quick snaps of you at the most important times of the day or better yet enjoy them “live” with you, not through a lens 🙂

Pet Gripe Number 3 – Grooms stuffing their trousers…

No not like that! keep it clean folks. I mean wallets, phones and hip flasks in your pockets. Guys please put these in your JACKET pockets not your trouser pockets. Lumps and bulges will always look umm… unsightly? in your photographs trust me. Enough said!

Pet Gripe Number 2 – Uncomfortable dresses

Both on brides and on bridesmaids. Please ladies make sure that your dress is comfortable and that it fits well. That extra few pounds spent on alterations to make it the “perfect fit” will be worth it on the day. A dress that doesn’t fit properly or that is uncomfortable means that you are pulling at it all day, which makes for an unhappy bride and unhappy brides look like unhappy brides in their photographs. And before you ask.. no we can’t always fix it in photoshop later, if you aren’t smiling I can’t fake it 🙂

Pet Gripe Number 1 – People who book on price alone and don’t on style!

No matter what happens on your day if none of the above apply and if we go out and take lots of stunning images of you. If you don’t like the style of photography you will HATE you photos even if they are technically excellent. Professional photographers work is all about style, their style is very personal to each photographer. Graham’s style is quite high contrast, it could be described as having a fashion edge to it, with lots of strong blacks and strong highlights with wide angles and landscapes. His work in no way could be described as soft shallow focus or especially not vintage J Please Please Please have a good idea of the style you like BEFORE you start getting into price. No matter how good a deal you get if you don’t like the style you WILL NOT like your photographs so save yourself the heart ache and pick someone who’s work really wows you 🙂




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Graham Crichton is an award winning professional wedding & portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 10 years of experience and having photographed hundreds of weddings he has photographed weddings all over Ireland, the UK and abroad.

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Hannah Crichton is the principal photographic assistant, blogger and studio manager (and other half of Graham Crichton Photography). Hannah and Graham recently married themselves in Ynysybwl, Wales, where Hannah is originally from. Hannah loves “everything wedding"!



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