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Frugal January Dating

Hello Everyone, Wedding planning is stressful, lots of wedding planning happens in January and January is the most depressing month of the year. I know I really didn’t need to say that did I? Everyone knows these facts but very few people do anything at all to combat them, and been stress is a major cause or relationship breakdown, that and money. I thought this week I would look at ways to distress and reconnect with your Husband To Be and make sure wedding planning and the January blues aren’t making you question the whole plan. If you can’t afford a weekend away, which while in full wedding planning mode can be beyond anyone’s budget , one of the best ways to do this there is always DATING! You remember from back before the wedding planning took up all your free time? with that in mind here are my top Frugal January Dating ideas. (disclaimer you might want to go out and invest in a flask, I seem pretty keen on using one) 🙂

Indoor Picnic

With the weather rubbish outside no one wants to sit in some muddy field with the wind howling around them. So instead pack the picnic hamper move the coffee table and set the picnic blanket down on the living room floor. put the radio on and relax, its just as good as outside in the sunshine 🙂

Museum/Gallery Mooching

Most Museums are free or if not free then pretty reasonably priced to get into here so why not spend the day mooching around one? It doesn’t have to be the British museum or the Tate modern to be fun you make it fun with the person you are with, Graham and I spend 2 hours mooching around a one room museum of miniatures in Prague just making up our own titles for the exhibits ( nothing was actually labelled in English and neither of us have even basic Czech but we still had a blast doing it)

Scenic Drive (and a flask of something warm)

OK granted this isn’t free with the cost of petrol these days, but heading along the north coast road for the day and sitting in the car with a flask of soup watching the rain pelt down on Glenarm has to be one of my favourite ways to spend an wet afternoon.

Walk a Dog

Don’t have a dog? Don’t know anyone with a dog? No problem, there are lots of animal charities around crying out for dog walking volunteers, you can set off as a group of take a single pooch out for a stole. its a great way to connect as a couple with something else to look after and you get a brisk stroll around a park too 🙂 if you are really keen there are brilliant sites like www.borrowmydoggy.com where you can sign up and borrow a local dog.

Watch the Sun Rise together

January is the perfect time to do this as it doesn’t involve getting up in the middle of the night. Take a flask of hot chocolate with you to a good vantage point and snuggle up under a blanket and remember why you said YES in the first place 🙂

and Not Forgetting DATE NIGHT.

Who could forget the all important Date night? Make a lovely dinner get a nice bottle of wine and snuggle up on the sofa with a Netflix a movie or play a board game or put on that cheesy music and dance around the living room like no one is watching 🙂

Whatever you choose to do this January remember as important as the matching napkins are to your wedding the real reason for them is that is to spend the rest of your lives together 🙂

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