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Hi Everyone this is an updated version of a post I wrote back in 2013! Now we are much more seasoned exhibitors at wedding fayres and there are a few extra things that I want to mention that aren’t covered by the previous post.

Firstly we had a fantastic time at the weekend at the Ulster Wedding Directory’s Show at the Belfast Odyssey Arena, we met loads and loads of fantastic couples and would like to give a huge High Five to all of our new couples who have booked at the show Graham Andrew Stephanie and I had a blast on the stand over the 2 days and can’t wait for the next one in September!!

Ulster Wedding Show GCP Team Feb 2015

Not all wedding shows are created equal.

As you might know if you read our blog regularly, we have exhibited at lots of different shows over the last few years. Some are great and some are just ok from both an exhibitor and an attendee point of view. For us in particular we find that larger shows like the Ulster Wedding Show at the weekend work really well for us, we feel that we get the most value for money out of them (and trust me they are not cheap to exhibit at) rather than some of the smaller shows but that’s not true for everyone, we know a lot of suppliers who feel the complete opposite, that the small hotel shows are the ones that work for them. No matter what type of show we do for us its all about the organisers. we need to know can you pick your spot? (there is a whole science about flow or crowds etc. which comes into play when you decide where you want your pitch) Have they thought about the ground plan? do they keep changing it? Are they going to put you opposite your direct competitors? How many of one type of supplier will they let exhibit? Are they “on trend” with their marketing to get couples to attend the show? Have the timed the show right, when couples will have money in their pockets to actually book their wedding suppliers? All of these things matter to us when choosing where to spend our marketing budget because after all, that’s what we are doing. We are their customers just as you guys are our customers and we want to feel valued and well looked after by them just like you guys want to feel that from us.

Remember to get a copy of your show guide!

Some shows Like the Ulster Wedding Show will give you a show guide free on your way into the show! The show guide is a fantastic resource for helping you plan both your time at the show and for sorting out all of those brochures in your bag. a good way is to flick through the guide and see if you can match any of the flyers in your bag to people you remember speaking to and then to people in your show guide. Also if you think you can remember speaking to someone at the show but can’t remember their name or can’t find their flyer in the bag the show guide usually has a ground plan in it so if you can remember where about they were in the hall you can look them up and the guide will give your their details so you can contact them.

Budget in mind at all times!

Its really easy to be swept up in the moment at a wedding show especially been as most suppliers will be offering discounted pricing and free extras but remember just because that person is offering a great deal if that deal is still out of your price range you will need to find the money from somewhere else in your budget if you book them. Make sure you have at the back of your mind your figures and things that you know you can sacrifice or get more cheaply to accommodate any additional spending you have to get a show deal.

Make a day of it

The Great thing we found about this most recent show we did was that being in the Odyssey it meant that a lot more people were able to attend without the hassle of someone having to drive. Being within walking distance of town really had its advantages there were lots of people there who were really making a day of it with their bridesmaids having a wee drink at the bar and really enjoying the atmosphere and catwalk show. Most of the larger shows have offers on that you can get multiple tickets for a discounted rate or have special offers where you can bring your Groom or Bridesmaid for free 🙂 If you make a day of it you will have more fun chatting to vendors and its always great if you have someone to chat to when talking to people 🙂

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I don’t think we can say how amazing Graham and Hannah are in this review! But we are so glad we found Graham! We’re not one to pose for photos. Come the wedding day, it felt like a pleasure to have Graham and Hannah at the wedding! Our guests loved them, Graham is fun and enthusiastic, but also discrete!

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