Featured: Why Even the “Super Organised” Need a “Wedding Emergency Fund”

Hi everyone, so you have worked out your wedding budget to the last penny and you have all the insurance in the world sorted out and arranged, you are one super organised couple why would you ever need to have an wedding emergency fund for your wedding?

I think, these fall in to two categories, last minute additional costs and “S**t hit the fan” costs and I will tackle them differently. I want to start off with the last minute ones, these you can semi plan for and may be already covered in your budget as “everything else” and then there are the real stingers that come out of the blue and leave people out of pocket and take the sparkly shine off your perfect day. I’m going to start off with the additional costs and then move on the more serious reasons why having some spare cash around for your wedding is top of my wedding day list of essentials.

Costs for vendor “over time”

You have read the small print on all of your supplier contracts, and you have taken not that they work a certain length of time for the contracted price, there after their overtime rate is at £x per hour. You think that you will be ok with the hours contracted but what if your minister decided to spend an hour during your service preaching to you guests when you had allocated 15 mins, or speeches over run or any other numerous things that can throw even the best made wedding schedule off. We do understand that sometimes things happened that you can’t avoid and for us its not a huge issue we are general there all day anyway and most other vendors will give you some leeway, but not all and not if it’s going on well into the 2nd or 3rd hour above their contracted time. This is especially true if they have another engagement that day. Over time is general charged at a per hour rate and is payable AT THE TIME which means you will need a have the cash to hand if you want them to stick around.
Last minute changes of mind & additional purchases

“Don’t want it, don’t need it, won’t regret it” really? Are you totally sure? Now I’m not talking about big ticket vendors like a Photographer, I think you need to make a decision and stick to it about vendors like that. The things I’m talking about are smaller things. Things like deciding to do your own nails and then at the last minute changing your mind or running out of time, or maybe, deciding that actually the bridesmaids would look much better if they had all matching shoes or jewellery. Or you want to get a few more button holes for your uncles or your Grandfathers. It would be so much easier if you had the money for these last minute things ready to go rather than taking it out of your honeymoon spending money. Worse still leaving yourselves short of cash when you come back. Trust me you will be sad enough to come back to the real world after the wedding without it being a beans on toast for dinner affair 🙂

Free Bar? No Free Bar?

With the atmosphere of joy and Love all around you, you would be surprised by how many people who had no intention of offering this suddenly want to put a few hundred quid behind the bar. Have the money ready just in case. Better than waking up with a hole in the wallet as well as a sore head in the morning. If you decide not to do it then woohoo extra spending money for propping up that bar yourselves on honeymoon.

Now Lets get serious. here are my top two S, hit the fan reasons to have that Wedding Emergency Fund!

Suppliers who let you down

No one wants to think about it really. and even the most careful of brides who do their very best to pick suppliers that you don’t think will leave you in the lurch on your big day and even for those who think this is covered with your wedding insurance if a supplier lets you down a few days before or worse still on the day, although most wedding insurance policies will cover you for this, if you need to get someone else in to do the job at short notice, they will want paid then and more than likely in cash. Not in a month when the insurance company pay out. Trust me having this emergency money to hand will take some of the sting out of having to get Team Bridal party ringing around suppliers to get someone to cover if you are let down.

Emergency travel or accommodation

Also this isn’t something that you want to have to think about but what if uncle bob who is meant to be driving everyone from the church to the reception hits the champers a bit hard in the morning and you need to book taxis to take everyone or what if worse still someone is taken Ill you need to book an extra room at the hotel, Having the money to pay for these to hand will make things a whole lot easier on the day and hopefully will put things back on track with the minimal amount of fuss.

Well guys I hope I have managed to convince even a few of you to put some spare cash aside just in case. I truly hope though that the money ends up in the honeymoon fund or on something fun for the big day but peace of mind is surely worth putting the money aside let me know what you thing below am I just a scaredy cat or do you think its a good idea?

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