Featured: The Top Three Forgotten Questions to ask Your Wedding Photographer

It’s the beginning of the year I’m sure lots of you have “wedding planning” as one of your 2015 goals, even if you didn’t get engaged over the festive period. So with that in mind I thought I would kick start the year with three Important questions to ask yourself at your wedding photography consultation. In this post I am putting together my Top Three Forgotten Questions to Ask your Wedding Photographer before you book them for your wedding day!

Let’s assume you have asked all the standard things like “How much do you cost?”, “Do you take the photos yourself?”, “Are you free on my date?” etc. Here are three slightly more obscure, yet none the less important, questions to ask your photographer.

What Happens if you are sick on the day?

Whether you are dealing with a small run business like Graham’s or a large high street studio, you need to ask this question. Some photographers who work for large studios will probably have cover from within their studio if they are unable to make it to your wedding day, but what about the single photographers who run their own business?

Graham is one such single photographer. Although having been in business for 8 years, he has never been so sick he hasn’t attended a wedding. During that time he has gone to weddings with the cold and flu… but it would take something very serious like being hospitalised for him not to attend. Having said that, he is the secretary of the PPANI (Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland) which is a network of professional full-time photographers from all over the province. note I said professional and full time, these are of the stipulations of becoming a member. They meet up once a month for seminars and training, for Graham it is also a really good way to get to know your colleagues and peers. It’s a total myth that photographers all hate each other by the way – they love to chat to one another. Whenever those guys (and gals) meet up its always lots of fun 🙂 By being part such a network as the PPANI it means Graham has a network of professionals that he can call on to try and arrange cover if he is sick and vice versa, should another member be ill. Now there is no guarantee he will be able to get someone with a similar style or that he will even be able to get anyone at all if it is the height of the season, but there is at least the network of people he can call upon to cover your day.

How Long does everything take?

This a good question to ask as I can guarantee that EVERYONE will want to see your photos (and will be pestering you to show them to them!). If you remember to ask when they will be ready then at least you can have a firm idea what to tell people.

Every photographer is different and also different times of the year mean there are different restrictions of people’s time too, for example at the height of the summer when there are 3 weddings a week that means that things can take a little longer than in the winter time when there is maybe 1 wedding a fortnight, this is simply because if you are out shooting a wedding then you aren’t at your desk processing one. For Graham’s average time scale check out this post I did from way back when So your Wedding day is over, What’s next??

Can I change my mind on package once I have paid my deposit/retainer?

This can be a very important question to ask – for several reasons, most wedding photographers (Graham included) need your final balance before the wedding day itself – which means that once your wedding comes, you don’t actually owe any more money. But what about before then, what if once you have had your engagement session you decide actually you would really like extended evening coverage to first dance for example? For most photographers this shouldn’t be a problem, but its always worth checking before your wedding day just in case for any reason they have something else booked in later on that evening.


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Graham Crichton is an award winning professional wedding & portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 10 years of experience and having photographed hundreds of weddings he has photographed weddings all over Ireland, the UK and abroad.

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Hannah Crichton is the principal photographic assistant, blogger and studio manager (and other half of Graham Crichton Photography). Hannah and Graham recently married themselves in Ynysybwl, Wales, where Hannah is originally from. Hannah loves “everything wedding"!



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