Feature: Planning the Wedding – Top 5 Tips for Tackling your Wedding Planning Baby Steps

Congratulations on your recent engagement!! You’re super excited to be getting married, You couldn’t have wished for a better guy/girl they completely get you so time to get stuck in to the organising but it all seems so over whelming!! You’ve read the magazines that will tell you it takes £25000 to get married and you need 3 years to plan it but this makes you want to throw your engagement ring back at them and call the whole thing off. We are planning our wedding in 8 months on a teeny tiny budget compared to most and if we can do that then I’m sure you guys will have no trouble with your planning either. Here are my top 5 tips for tackling your wedding planning.

tips for tackling your wedding planning

Decide of a Budget! Yep even before you start your guest list!

This is the VERY most important thing, Before you let your pinterest board get the better of you sit down and with your significant other and have a real chat. a cards on the table time sort of chat. Ask the really important questions, like what are your life plans? and what can you really afford to spend. If you have a big wedding will it put off buying a house or starting a family, are they things you are prepared to do? Once you have a figure in mind. Make a list of our priorities. Does the dress have to be the one no matter the cost? Or are the photos (they are the only thing you will have after your day is over) more important than anything? Or are you a real foody set your priorities to what YOU think are important not what the magazines tell you are important. For example for us it was photos (I’m sure you could have guessed that) and Food which we have set aside a good 3rd of total budget to purchase, on the other hand I got my dress online its lovely and Im sure I will wear it again (work summer ball her I come) but It’s just not me to spend a small fortune on a dress for one day the dress just wasn’t a priority for me. I know this is a controversial view but like I said this is our wedding so all that matters are what we think about it and same goes for yours.

tips for tackling your wedding planning

Date Vrs Venue First?

This depends on again what your priorities are. Are you set on the 10th of June? If so then you might have to be flexible with your venue or be prepared to wait a year. Or do you have to have a particular Venue? I know some people who had been set on a place and have waited 2 years for it to be free on the date they wanted.   Either way you will need to book your venue before most other suppliers will discuss booking with you.

Book your photographer

Check out my post here all about booking your photographer and what you need to think about regarding style and personality so all I will say here is book them early to make sure you aren’t disappointed.

Keep your guest list in check.

It would be lovely to be able to invite everyone ok maybe not everyone perhaps not weird cousin Kevin but you know what I mean. Even if you are having a large wedding what seems like 150 people on paper can soon rocket up and next thing there are people on the list and you are having to ask who they are, really do you have to invite your dads boss Michael and his wife Brenda and there 2 kids? I say Nope not unless Dad is paying for the whole thing. In which case really he can invite Boss Michaels sister and her dog too if he wants. If you’re paying then you can politely ask people to stop inviting people you barley know to the wedding. I go by the rule if you wouldn’t consider buying dinner for that person in a restaurant any other day of the year, then you don’t have to invite them to your wedding same thing different day 🙂

Start Pinning but don’t go mad!

Nothing wrong with having a pinterest board but do you really need 400 pins? Realistically you’re never going to have all that at the wedding or the time to make all the things in the first place.



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