Feature: Is Pinterest Ruining your Wedding?

Hey everyone so this week I thought we could have a chat about our obsession with Pinterest,  I know it isn’t just me who had every little detail of their picture perfect wedding split into lots different boards. It got me thinking, so in this post, I want to look at whether this is helping or whether Pinterest is actually ruining your wedding?!

I knew my obsession was getting out of hand when I realized I had just started a board titled “Table plans and seating charts”. Sounds normal enough, right? Only we weren’t having a table plan at our wedding because we didn’t actually know how the tables would fit in our reception marquee… atleast until it was up – only then we could see how they would arrange. So we didn’t actually know how many people would be at each table (on a sidenote… to be honest I didn’t know if everyone would fit!). But that hadn’t stopped me “pinning” away on this new board I had created. Finally, enough was enough for me then and I stepped away completely from Pinterest. I could see it wasn’t really helping me at all.

Now having confessed that to you all. I want to address a couple of things, firstly, is it OK t “Pinterest plan” your dream wedding (all constraints and budgets aside) and does it really help to keep looking at option after option for things when you are planning?

OK so the biggie… is it OK to “pin” above and beyond your budget and constraints of your venue?

There is no real right answer here. I guess, if you know you are the sort of person who could be easily disappointed, then maybe try and keep your pinning to fit in with your wedding theme. It would be lovely to have put up a row of trees down the aisle in my church. (I LOVE the way that looks by the way) But I knew it was just not practical! In my church the aisle (or aisles I should say, as it was a Baptist church with 2 side aisles rather than one main one) were just way to narrow and it would just never have worked. But I was realistic, and although l kept looking at them, I didn’t pin them. As I knew it was never going to be in my wedding.

It’s not all “nope stop there”, though. There will be things that can be adapted to fit in with your theme even if you can’t actually carry out your whole pin. For instance, modifying a cake and lemonade stand idea from Pinterest to include your signature cocktail and your favorite buns.

So my top tips for “Pinterest Planners” are:

  • Keep your own wedding in mind always! The one you are actually having, in the venues you have booked. Go ahead and pin all the things you like, but remember to whittle out the ones that really won’t work and either delete them or move them to another board.
  • Keep in mind if you can adapt something to suit your day and if you can maybe look for a more specific pin that might work better.
  • Don’t just copy from Pinterest. Your wedding is yours. It is special to you, not to another couple. Be as original as you can be. Your guests will love it more than something they have seen before.
  • DO NOT LET IT DEPRESS YOU. Wedding planning should always be fun. the minute looking at Pinterest starts to make you ashamed of your own wedding plans or that they wont meet up to everyone else’s standards its time to delete the boards completely. Remember your wedding is just that YOUR wedding not some styled shoot for a magazine. 

 Is it actually helpful at all?

This comes down to a few things.

Firstly – Are you pinning things that you would never do at your wedding? Table plan anyone? ahem.. If so then dare I say it, you are wasting your time on the internet! And you could be doing anything more constructive with your time looking for things that actually suit your theme and venues… and will make your day super special.

Secondly – Are you pinning DIY’s that are completely out of the question? Things that would cost a fortune to make and would require the fine motor skills learned from childhood to actually achieve successfully. For instance I can’t nit, crochet do anything fun with wool, I have a vague idea (and Pinterest board) about hand making lace, now I knew I couldn’t have incorporated this into the wedding because A it would cost a fortune to buy in all the necessary kit to do it on mass in time for the day and would also have required me to get REALLY REALLY good at it in about 15 minutes. So not going to happen.

Thirdly – Are you just stifling your own creativity? By bombarding yourself with other people’s ideas, and so do you end up having their wedding and not yours? Some of the best details from our wedding were the things that we came up with. They are the things people comment on at your wedding.  The things that really reflect your personalities and not just things that trendy in wedding magazines think you should have at your wedding?

So in the end, I guess I don’t really have a definite answer. Use Pinterest it if you find it fun (and that’s what it should be… fun). Keep in mind that it sucks up your time like nothing else on the internet (apart from possibly YouTube!). Dump it if it is causing you stress about “not having the perfect wedding” or if it makes you feel that your perfect wedding isn’t perfect enough! Remember it’s your wedding and so it will be perfect no matter what with the right person standing beside you!

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