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Feature: My 2017 Photographic Competition Entries: What I Entered & Why?

Every year, my trade association, the Professional Photographer’s Association of Northern Ireland, runs a photographic competition. The very best of Northern Ireland’s professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographers take part. It is a big deal… and an excuse to attend a gala dinner! The deadline for the 2017 competition closed just a few days ago. That means for the last week there has been a bunch of photographers scurrying around to sort out their entries in time to submit their favourite images from last year. I was no different, and I too got my entries in by the skin of my teeth! So now that the competition deadline has closed, I can share my entries with you here to show what I submitted. We will find out if any get through in the middle of February when the finalists are announced.

Above: Entry for Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Judith” – I absolutely love classical wedding photography. This image symbolises just that. It is simple, yet elegant. I loved the colours of the stained glass window in contrast with the warm tones of the light coming in from the window on the bride 

Above: Entry for Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Michelle” – I get to photograph at some really gorgeous and classical locations. This image, taken at Florence Court, was very simple. It was taken between one of the famous arches along the facade of the front of the building. To me, it looks like it could have been taken in Fermanagh or Florence.

Above: Entry for Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Naomi” – Sometimes I am very honoured and humbled to get to photograph is some really special places. This image of Naomi was taken at The Royal Historic Palace at Hillsborough Castle. With every wedding I try and strive for something different. For this particular shot, I just had to incorporate the splendour of the hall against the small, quite practical window.

Above: Entry for Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Kathryn” – Another location I am very fond of is Darver Castle. This picture was taken in its very impressive main lounge. Lit solely by the window light coming in from the side, the colours of the groom play well against a classic backdrop

Above: Entry for Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Andrea & Tim” – The winter evenings provide a totally different backdrop for stunning wedding images. This shot was taken on the coast of Strangford Lough at Orange Tree House. The weather was perfect and still. Although it looks like the image was taken close to sunset, it was actually taken in the middle of the afternoon. Knowing how to use your camera, you can achieve looks like this to trick the viewer

Above: Entry for Contemporary Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Megan” – With such a beautiful location, as a photographer it is easy to be distracted and not think outside the box. With this image, the bride was placed inside the car on her own and lit from the back by Hannah holding a panel light. Without that light, the bride would just has disappeared in shadow

Above: Entry for Engagement Photographer of the Year – “Naomi & Jonathan) – The bride in this image is the same bride who we say earlier in the image taken at Hillsborough Castle. This shot, taken on the north coast shows the elements at their best. Although the couple were perfectly safe, the drama of the Atlantic is clearly visible in the background

Above: Entry for Pet Photographer of the Year – “Glyn the Dog” – This shot, of Glyn the Dog was taken as a gift for my brother on returning from some time in London. My brother loves to read, so we thought it would be quite apt if we had Glyn the Dog doing the same. To encourage Glyn to read, the pages of the book were rubbed with bacon flavoured treats. It took a while, but we got it

Above: Entry for Reportage Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Alison’s flower girl” – Children and their spontaneity can make for some great candid shots. This shot, taken at Alison & Michael’s wedding shows this cute flower girl wearing the bridesmaids shoes and trying to check herself out in the far reaching mirror

Above: Entry for Reportage Wedding Photographer of the Year – “Peekaboo” – Another awesome capture of, this time a page boy. Keeping his eyes closed so not to be photographed.

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