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Most people who have a car at some point have had that awful felling while driving along that something just isn’t right. For a wedding photographer the time for this to happen is not while you are on your way to a client’s wedding or between the Ceremony and then reception venue!

So as important as a reliable camera is, so is a reliable car.

Our current car is just coming up on its 4th Birthday and we try to take very good care of it gets its full manufacture service every year and its oil and tyre pressure checked before every wedding or once a week. and just last week we replaced the front 2 tyres at Kwikfit.  We take every conceivable precaution to prevent the car from breaking down probably much more than the average driver but we want to make absolutely sure that we don’t have to worry about how we will get to a wedding on the day itself.  But what happens if the unthinkable does happen and we do have a break down? Well we also have the..

Wedding breakdown contingency plan!

Breakdown cover

We have the all singing all dancing breakdown, the one that takes you on to your destination as well as tried to fix you at the road side.  So in the case of a wedding we would be able to get on to the next place with very little hassle. Ours is with the lovely people at the AA, they offered us the best deal as I have been with them since i was a student.  They also offered the best deal for cover within the rest of Europe a lot of breakdown cover only single trips to Europe or that you have to tell them when you are traveling but we are across the boarder such a lot in our line of work that that just wouldn’t be practical for us so I made sure when looking for breakdown that it would cover us if we were to breakdown south of the boarder without any hassle.

Taxi to the rescue

We have the phone numbers of a variety of taxi firms from around the country in a plastic wallet in the car and in our phones just in case Graham needs to go on to the wedding and I would stay with the car and again we always check these beforehand for further afield weddings just in case they have changed their number or gone out of business,  and I always make a point of updating out list and phones at the same time if i do make any changes.  

Hire car on standby

Luckily for us we only live 10 mins away from Belfast city Airport and its plethora of hire car companies, so if we were to breakdown at any point before we have left for the wedding we had left for the wedding we will just hop in a taxi to the airport and hire a car for the day. I keep a keen eye on the costs of last minute hire especially over bank holidays or if there is something happening here like the north west of or something just to make sure we know the costs. 

The Luxury of Graham not being the driver.

Whenever Graham mentions to people that he doesn’t drive the response is usually a mixture of shock and disbelief “how can you not drive?” “How do you get to weddings?” this is actually a real saving grace if we were ever to have to put in to action the contingency plan.  It would mean that he could happily ring a taxi and head off to the wedding with out worry or it effecting his day and I could stay with the car and wait on the recovery truck and meet up with him later. 

Thankfully we have never had to put into action the contingency plan, but that’s because we make sure we have a reliable car that we can trust not to break down. That being said though Graham is never one to not have a back-up plan just in case 🙂

About Graham

Graham Crichton is an award winning professional wedding & portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 10 years of experience and having photographed hundreds of weddings he has photographed weddings all over Ireland, the UK and abroad.

About Hannah

Hannah Crichton is the principal photographic assistant, blogger and studio manager (and other half of Graham Crichton Photography). Hannah and Graham recently married themselves in Ynysybwl, Wales, where Hannah is originally from. Hannah loves “everything wedding"!

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