Pet Profiles in Focus: The Lhasa Apso

Welcome to the first in a series of blog posts focusing (pardon the pun) on the personalities and traits of different breeds. This time we focus on “The Lhasa Apso”. Oh and Happy National Pet Day! Today at Graham Crichton Photography we are celebrating our furry friends, and what better way to do that than by highlighting the Lhasa Apso, We think one of the most amazing dog breeds out there but then we might be a bit bias.

As you all know our Glyn our dog, who comes to our photography Studio every day, is a Lhasa Apso. So we thought we would share some facts about him and his breed. They are small, affectionate, and loyal dogs that has been around for thousands of years. They were originally bred in Tibet, where they were highly valued as watchdogs and companion animals by Buddhist monks. These dogs were also considered sacred and were believed to bring good luck to their owners.

One of the things that make Lhasa Apsos so special is their warm nature, They are known for being affectionate, intelligent, and independent. We can absolutely agree with that Glyn is very much his own dog. They are also fiercely loyal to their owners and will go to great lengths to protect them if necessary. This makes them an excellent choice for families with children or older adults who want a companion that will always be by their side.

Another great thing about Lhasa Apsos is that they are low-maintenance dogs. They don’t require a lot of exercise and are happy to spend most of their time indoors with their owners. This makes them a great choice for people who live in apartments.

In terms of grooming, Lhasa Apsos have long, silky coats that require regular brushing to keep them healthy and tangle-free. Glyn is definitely not a fan of the brush so Gemma @barking_brill keeps him clipped short in a teddy cut for us. We see her about every 6-8 weeks. However, they don’t shed much, which makes them a good choice for people with allergies.

Perhaps the best thing about Lhasa Apsos is their adaptability. They are equally happy lounging on the couch or going on an adventure with their owners. They are also great with other pets and can get along with cats and other dogs with proper socialization, but I don’t think anyone has told Glyn he is meant to get on with Cats, well at least not the big ginger tom that lives in our street anyway. I think they have an ongoing turf war. He is great with all the other dogs and cats that come in for their pet portraits.

We think Lhasa Apsos make an excellent choice for anyone looking for a loyal, affectionate, and low-maintenance pet. Their independence and adaptability make them a great choice. So, if you’re thinking of getting a new pet, why not consider a Lhasa Apso?

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Graham Crichton is an award winning professional portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 17 years of experience and having photographed thousands of people and their pets.

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Hannah Crichton is married to Graham (yay) and is the Brand Manager at the studio. Hannah's expertise is in social media and making everything run ticketyboo. She's a Tiktok wizard and loves a good dog pun!

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