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Northern Ireland photographer and wife on their wedding day


Graham Crichton


The photographer (Hannah’s husband)

Ten years ago I photographed my first wedding. It was actually the first time I had even been to a wedding! Hundreds of weddings later, I can’t imagine doing anything else for a job. To me, nothing beats the adrenaline and excitement of a wedding day.

It is that one chance to get catch those moments of celebration and intimacy, that fuels me. I haven’t always been a photographer. I actually started out at drama school and worked in England as a stage manager on musicals and operas.

I’ve always had an eye for detail and while touring on a production of Fame discovered I had a real talent for turning that into beautiful photographs – giving me a unique understanding of getting things right the first time. Every show is opening night for that audience, in the same way, every wedding is that one time for that couple.

Hannah Crichton


The assistant (Graham’s wife)

Ten years ago I first met Graham. It was at my best friend Pauline’s wedding, and I was a bridesmaid. Not a native to Northern Ireland, I grew up “across the water” in the South Wales Valleys in a little village called Ynysybwl (where Graham and I eventually married!)

Moving to Belfast in 2010, I began swapping my Saturday lie-ins for “Bridal preps” and was instantly hooked. I would never have imagined I would end up doing this, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

I bring a very different perspective to a wedding day than Graham does, as I don’t take photographs myself. I take care of the fine details, allowing Graham to concentrate on the overall picture – letting us truly work as one team on your big day. I also come from a corporate background, so run a tight ship in the office, much to Graham’s chagrin sometimes.

Glyn the Dog


The office assistant & layabout

Woof woof bark growl woof woof… Okay maybe we shouldn’t let Glyn write his bio, so we’ll write it for him. Glyn (the Dog) is a three-year-old Lhasa Apso and free-loading lodger.

Glyn has only ever been to one wedding in his life, our wedding – where he travelled all the way from Belfast to South Wales standing on Graham’s lap in the passenger seat! This is a trip he is well versed in, as he has been many times to see his Welsh “grandparents”.

He was given the very important job of “Page Dog” at the wedding but messed the role up even before it got to the big day by losing his bow tie at the wedding rehearsal.

He loves not-so-long walks and listening to dog-related songs, such as Who Let The Dogs Out. A fan of bones, he also goes to work every day with Graham and can be seen loafing on his sofa in the office.


Graham's first wedding

Ten years ago in April, I photographed my first ever wedding. I had never actually been to a wedding before and researched like you wouldn’t believe. I knew how to take pictures, but a wedding is so much more than just that. Anyone can take a good photo, but running a wedding day and making sure you know where to be and when is something that you can’t just do with a camera. My first wedding took place at Methodist College in Belfast. I remember it just like it was yesterday… although I had a bit more hair then. It was Elaine & Steven’s big day. I was so nervous but didn’t let it show. I remember being so caught up in lists and worrying more about “the photographs” than the couple’s wedding! Hundreds of wedding later, I still get nervous, but that feeling is what drives me through. The day I stop being nervous is the day I know it’s time to change jobs – for if I am not nervous, then complacency can creep in.

Are we dog people or cat people?

Why dog people of course! Well, that isn’t strictly true. Before Glyn the Dog became part of our little family we were proud “parents” to Philip the Hamster, Toby the Rabbit, Jonathan the Hamster… and a goldfish who was sadly only with us eight hours and never got a name! We don’t mind cats… but do you know who does? Glyn the Dog – cats drive him potty!

What do we do when we're not photographing weddings?

We don’t just photograph weddings. We also photograph family portraits, pet portraits, headshots for actors and business people and engagement sessions for excited couples. We don’t really get that much time off, as apart from all that, we also run the studio and sit and work on all the images we take. A lot goes in to running a photography business. Believe it or not, a photographer only spends about 10% of their time taking photos! When we do have some time off, we like to go to nice restaurants, stay in fancy hotels and walk Glyn the Dog. Graham is obsessed with the Titanic and tinkering with this website. Hannah is a “planner addict” and spends way too much money on planner accessories! Glyn likes to sleep (14 hours a day), eat and catch a ball!

So who photographed our wedding?

We got married last September over in Wales in the little Welsh village where Hannah is from. Oddly our Welsh minister was originally from Ballymena! We held our reception in a marquee at Hannah’s mum and dad’s house… and turned Hannah’s dad’s shed into fully working Irish pub… complete with a barrel beer from Hilden Brewery (which we weren’t totally convinced the car would carry on the ferry!) We had 50 of our best friends at the wedding… where it rained all day! But it didn’t matter! We had a blast and everyone got involved in the karaoke! Everyone who knows that we’re married asks who took our photos… and how does a wedding photographer go about picking a photographer for their own wedding? Well, the answer… with ease. Our photographer was a girl called Agnes Black. The photo at the top of this page was taken by her on our wedding day! You can check her out online at www.agnesblack.com.


Photographer of the Year – 2016 – Northern Ireland Wedding Awards – Overall Winner & Regional Winner
Pet Photographer of the Year – 2017 – PPANI – Second Runner Up
Pre-Wedding & Engagement – 2017 – PPANI – Second Runner Up
Classical Wedding Photographer of the Year – 2016 & 2014 – PPANI – Finalist
Wedding Album of the Year – 2015 – PPANI – Finalist

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