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Last updated: 21st January 2021

Due to the local lockdown restrictions, the studio is CLOSED and will re-open on the 5th March 2021. During this time you can still book sessions online for when we re-open (and we would very much appreciate if you did) and you can also purchase gift vouchers using our automated ordering system. We are sorry for the inconvenience. No one wants to close their business for six weeks, but we must do this to get through this. We hope you remain safe and well, and very much look forward to seeing you again bigger and better in March 2021.

Q: Are you open for photo shoots?
A: No, the studio will be closed until 5th March 2021. You can however still book a session online for when we re-open.

Q: Can I purchase gift cards?
Yes, you can still purchase gift cards using our automated ordering system on this website. They will be instantly delivered by email to you.

Q: What if I have a gift card that is going to expire before you re-open?!
Don’t worry, we will be adding an extra six months on to your gift card (provided it did not expire before 1st March 2020).

Q: Can I get a refund on a voucher or session if my session is cancelled?
We do not offer refunds, however you can re-book at a different time when we re-open, for no additional charge.

Q: What if I have an order to pick up?
If you have an order to be picked up before the lockdown, you will already have been contacted. Orders not picked up before close of business on the 23rd December will remain safe in our studio, but will not be able to be picked up until we re-open in March.

Q: I have had a portrait session before you closed, what about seeing the pictures?
A: We will be in touch to either schedule a Zoom viewing session or to schedule an in-person viewing session at our studio when we re-open.

Q: But I need a passport photo!
A: We are closed and will not be able to do any photo sessions. Please keep in mind that no photography studio is an essential business. We are closing, not only because we have to, but also because it is the responsible thing to do. Any photographers operating during this time will be breaking the law.

Q: What will you be doing with all this time off?
A: Even though we are closed, there is still lots that goes on behind the scenes. In order to remain in business we have to constantly be engaging in marketing – particularly after a lockdown, as it isn’t a case of simply welcoming customers back in the door. We usually take around 4 weeks to return to any sort of normality. During the January lockdown I will be focusing on marketing, looking to new ideas for products and packages and take some time off just to relax and do non-work things. My business is my life and something I am obsessed with. Hannah says I am GCP through and through. She says there isn’t a Graham, just a Graham Crichton Photography. I will be working hard to keep my business as successful as it has been, but I will need your help to do it.

We look forward to seeing you in March 2021 and stay safe.

Graham & Hannah.


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