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Last updated: 27th November 2020

The studio is currently closed to the public until 11th December due to the Covid Lockdown 2.0. You can still buy gift vouchers and book a shoot online for after the lockdown. I will be contactable during the lockdown by email and phone, but might take a wee bit longer to get back to you as I am going to take a little bit of time off too. Stay safe and thank you for your support.


Firstly, Hannah and I hope you are well and would like to thank you for your continued support during these difficult times. As a small business owner who is self-employed, I could not carry on without you. It seems like a whole lifetime ago that we were able to meet up and carry on life like normal. Sadly, for a while, we have to adapt and change the way we do things to allow us to continue with our lives. As a business this has meant changing the way we carry out our sessions and appointments. We will also need your help to be able to carry on serving you in a safe and sensible manner.

We don’t just sell photographs – we sell an experience – and during these times we aim to continue to deliver our five star service that we are known for, all the while ensuring we keep you safe and our staff. Having your picture taken during Covid19 doesn’t have to be frightening and it certainly doesn’t have to not be fun!

Covid19 is a real risk to our health and the economy. We all need to take steps to protect our staff, our customers, our families and those we love.

As a small business it is important that we keep trading. We need your help to do this and at the same time ensure that we are all complying with regulations and keeping each other safe.

Please be aware of the following procedures we have put in place:

Q: Are you open for photo shoots?
A: Yes. We are open for family portraits, pet portraits, passport photos, graduation portraits and headshot potraits. You will need to book your session in advance (either over the phone or using our automated online booking system on the website). We will not be accepting walk-in appointments at this time.

Q: How many people can attend a session?
We have had to restrict the number of people who can attend our sessions temporarilly. The number of people who can attend depends on the type of session. For family portraits up to 6 people can attend, For pet portraits up to 2 people can attend, For graduation portraits up to 6 people can attend, For headshots up to 2 people can attend, For passport photographs up to 2 people can attend and For post-session viewing sessions up to 4 people can attend.

Q: I have a gift voucher, can I use it?
Yes. It is business as usual for the most part. If you have a gift voucher you can use it. If you plan for more than the total number of people permitted mentioned above to attend, you may need to delay using your voucher until such time as we can accommodate more people. We are happy to extend gift vouchers beyond their expiry date.

Q: Can I get a refund on a voucher if I would rather not book a session?
Gift vouchers cannot be refunded, however we are more than happy to find an alternative date in the future for you.

Q: I would rather not come back to see my photographs
All of our sessions require you coming back and seeing your photographs at a later date (usually a week after your session). This is because we edit your images and only in person can be guarantee that your images will be displayed as we intended. This means you need to come back to the studio to see them. We cannot show you your pictures online unfortunately, however we are more than happy to move your viewing session to a date in the future if you prefer.

Q: I have to pick up an order. Do I need an appointment?
A: Yes. You will need to book a slot to pick up your order. You can do this using the link that was sent to you in your email when we told you it was ready.

Q: I need a passport photo. Do I need to book in advance?
A: Yes, however you can often book a same day appointment through our website or over the phone. Please do not just show up, as there is a risk you will encounter us while other members of the public are here.

Q: Do we need to Social Distance when we come to the studio?
A: Yes. We ask you to remain no closer than 2m from our staff at all times.

Q: Do we need to wear a mask?
A: Yes – all children and adults visiting the studio will be required to wear a mask. If you cannot wear a mask for any reason, please consider delaying your session and booking a session for such a time in the future that masks are not required. Masks are to be worn at all times while in the studio, unless you are being photographed – in which case you can remove your mask – however you will need to put it back on when you are not being photographed.

Q: Can you provide masks if I don’t have one?
We ask you to provide your own mask, where possible. However, if you do not have a mask we can provide one for you.

Q: When we arrive what should we do (if the gate is open)?
A: If you arrive when the gate is open, please park your car (leaving your coats and belongings in your car) – then make your way up to the studio. When you arrive at our door please DO NOT enter. Instead, press the buzzer button (which we clean after every use). Wait for a response to enter and then make your way in to our reception area. Please sanitise your hands with the hand sanitiser provided. We will then ask you to make your way to our shooting area.

Q: When we arrive what should we do (if the gate is closed)?
A: If you arrive when the gate is closed, please call us on 02890 99 77 98 to let you in through the main gate. Please remain in your car and make your way to the car park – leaving all coats and personal belongings in your car – then please follow Graham (or another member of our staff who greeted you), ensuring you remain 2m from them at all times. We will guide you up to the studio.

We ask you to please be on time for your session/appointment as we have an allocated slot for each client (with some time at the end to clean up). To ensure safety and peace of mind, we are cleaning all surfaces between appointments.

Please do not attend a session/appointment if you have a temperature or are feeling unwell. If you are we will re-schedule your appointment to another day free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you and stay safe.

Graham & Hannah.


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