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Angel face child portraits Belfast

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Angel Faces – Simple & Elegant Black & White Child Portraits


For children aged 2 to 5 years old

Do you remember when you were a little angel? I was told I once was, but don’t recall! We all grow up so fast and never more than nowadays. That’s why we’ve launched our Angel Faces range of portraits for children aged between 2 and 5 years. We focus on capturing the innocence and beauty of their childhood.

The session takes place at our relaxed and family run studio and lasts just 15 minute per child. You can bring up to 3 children to the session (they will be photographed individually after one another). Angel Faces is different: our portraits are square, focus on the face and only in classical black & white.

We then get you back a week later to view your photographs and to pick your complimentary image. We aren’t pushy and if you want to purchase any other pictures, products start from just £60.

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Angel face child portraits Belfast

Book a session online

Book your session for just a £15 donation

Angel Faces Terms & Conditions

Only children aged between 2 years and 5 years can attend this shoot (if we believe your child may be older, we may require some proof of age)
Your child must be able to sit up on their own
Individuals will be photographed – there will be no group photographs or photographs with more than one person in them
This shoot is all about emotion and capturing the beauty of youth in your child’s face
Images will be taken over a 15 minute period and will involve head and shoulders shots only
Once the shoot is over, we will arrange for you to come back to see your beautiful pictures and pick your complimentary low resoulution digital image
There is no-obligation to buy anything at all, but you can if you wish
Products start from £60
A big person must attend too, to look after the little person
One child will be photographed at a time. If more than one child is attending they will be photographed in sequence one after the other and must attend a single session
If more than one child is attending you must ensure another adult is present to supervise any children not being photographed
Your complimentary image will be provided in digital form and will contain a tiny discreet logo in the corner
Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion
Subject to availability – there is no cash alternative
Cameras and recording devices (such as camera phones) are not permitted in the studio
Usual portraiture terms and conditions apply (these are available upon request)

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