Let's get you re-booked

Let’s get your session re-booked…

We’re sorry you weren’t able to make your session with us. It’s certainly been an odd past 12 months and we want to get back to business with a bounce! We’d still love to see you too! If you’d still like to come out to us, you can use this page to transfer your booking to a new date. If you’d rather change to a completely different type of portrait you can do that too!

I still don’t know when I want to re-book

That’s okay! We live in a very uncertain world at the moment. There’s no time limit on when you can re-book. For us, obviously as a small business, it is better for us if you can re-book as soon as is practicable. But we understand you might not be ready for a while.

I dont’ need my session anymore

That’s okay too. We cannot offer you a refund, however if you prefer, you can use any booking fee you have made towards another type of session with us – for example, if you were coming in for a graduation portrait and would prefer to put your balance towards a family portrait – you can do that. Just choose the new type of portrait below. If your new session fee costs more than what you have paid, you will be asked for the difference on the day of your session. If your new session costs less than what you have already paid, you can use the remaining balance to purchase extra products or upgrade – we cannot offer a refund of the difference.

Can I use this page to book a free portrait if I haven’t already paid for one?

No – you will need to book a session through the appropriate section on our web site or call the studio on 02890 99 77 98. We always require a booking fee when booking, so if you haven’t paid one you will have to pay one on booking.

Choose your session

Important: The links below are ONLY for existing customers who have had their booking cancelled who have ALREADY PAID a session fee. If you have not paid a session fee or are uncertain please do NOT use this page and call us on 02890 99 77 98 to book.
Family Portrait

Re-Book Family Portrait


Use this button to re-book your family portrait


Pet Portrait

Re-Book Pet Portrait


Use this button to re-book your pet portrait


Graduation Portrait

Re-Book Graduation Portrait


Use this button to re-book your graduation portrait



Re-Book Headshot Portrait


Use this button to re-book your headshot portrait



Re-Book Passport Session


Use this button to re-book your passport portrait


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