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The Big Friday Quiz


So you think you’re a clever pup or your pack have what it takes to win our weekly general knowledge Zoom quiz? Let’s see! Everyone welcome… and there’s banter to be had after the quiz ends too!


Free Colouring-In Sheet

Free Kid’s Colouring-In Sheet


Tilly the Dog has started school! Can you help her get a ‘A’? Print & colour in this fun colouring in sheet! It’s for kids, but adults can do it too 😉


Things to do during a pawdemic

Free E-Book: 28 Things to Get You Through A Pawdemic


Lockdown can be hard, but we’ve got 28 ideas to get you (and your furry friend) through it all! Plus a wee treat for when it’s over too!


Free Pet Wallpaper

Free Dog Wallpapers


Brighten up your phone’s day with a cheery and colourful doggy photo (taken by me, of course!)


Can you help solve the mystery?

Free Kid’s E-Book: Calling All Detectives!


Sherlock Bones and his assistant, Dr Wagson, need your help! Can you help them solve the Mystery of the Missing Walkies with our free kid’s e-book?


Things to do during a pawdemic

Free E-Book: Home Schooling Tips


We’re not all about clever pups, we spoke to Trevor from Catapault Tutoring for his top tips to helping you be the best home school tutor you can be!


We tell tails.


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