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Hello, and congratulations! I’d love to be part of your big day… if you’d let me. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 12 years – gosh that makes me sound old! I’m a calm, relaxed sort of a fella. I like to work with like-minded couples.

The best way for me to explain my style is to show it to you. It is a mix of both natural and created. I want my work to take you on a journey everytime you look at your pictures.

I love weddings, but shoot just 10 weddings a year so I can work with couples who really want to work with me and that I click with. Take a look at my work and if you think that’s you, drop me a line and we can go from there.


How it works

What's this going to cost us?

This is probably the question I get asked the most. The answer depends on what you are after. With everyone now claiming to be a wedding photographer, my pricing has to reflect that I have been doing this a long time and know what I am doing.

Digital packages start from £1450
Album packages start from £1850

Book both photography and 360 video and get 10% off

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Where are you based and do you travel?

My studio is based in the beautiful city of Belfast. You might have heard of it… Game of Thrones, Titanic, that car that Marty McFly drove. You know the one. The studio is located at Portview Trade Centre, which is a fantastic old linen mill in East Belfast, close to where the Titanic was built actually. It is about 5-10 minutes from the city centre.

I travel ALL over. From weddings just down the road, to ones where I get on several planes & trains! You tell me the place, and I’d love to chat.

Do you know what you are doing?

Ok, so I’m not exactly a spring chicken any more… but I would say the right side of 40 😉 I have been photographing weddings professionally and full-time for the last 12 years. I have probably photographed close to 500 weddings in that time, so you could say I know what I am doing. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at my portfolio. Better still, come and meet me at the studio.

Do you do video too?

Yes, we also offer 360 degree immersive (virtual reality) wedding video. This allows you do relive your wedding as a guest.

Book both photography and 360 video and get 10% off

Find out more about our 360 degree immersive wedding video by clicking here

We don't want an album, is that possible?

Absolutely. We can pretty much do what ever you want. It is your wedding after all. (I’ve a little secret for you… Hannah and I never got an album of our own wedding!). You can always add an album later if you change your mind. PS: My albums are super lovely.

We hate posing, but you say you pose?!

Truth be told… no one likes posing. A wedding day consists of lots of different parts of the day. Each part requiring a different approach and style. If you ever hear someone tell you that they are totally candid or documentary, then you might want to slap them around a bit with their price list – as this really isn’t the case. I use a mixture of styles – candid in the morning when you are getting ready, respectful and discreet during the ceremony, friendly yet efficient for the family ones and relaxed and fun for the beautiful photos of you two together. Yes, there is a bit of posing, but it is painfree, easy, relaxed… and dare I say it, even fun. Even the most terrified grooms love their wedding photos when I am done with them!

Can we meet? (just to make sure you are not a crazed lunatic)

Yes, absolutely, totally – provided you dare to venture east of the river and come to my studio! Meeting before your wedding (and even before you book) is a great way to get to see if we get on. There is nothing worse than finding your wedding photographer is a bossy humourless anti-social miserable… ah you get the point. Just give the studio a call on 02890 99 77 98 to arrange a time to come out for a chat.

Can I have a brochure please?

Sure, you can!

You can download it by clicking here

Wedding Gallery

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Summertime Clandeboye Lodge Wedding Photographs
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Graham Crichton Photography,
A110 Portview Trade Centre,
310 Newtownards Road,
Belfast BT4 1HE,
Northern Ireland.

 Phone: 02890 99 77 98 


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