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Wedding package brochure
Who takes the pictures?

Graham takes all of your wedding pictures. He uses a mixture of styles throughout the day including discreet images from at the ceremony and more posed pictures of you together. He has a very lovely assistant who helps him but doesn’t take any photographs. She is a legend at dress fixing and making a veil look great!

If you would like an extra angle on things, we offer an experienced second photographer too for an additional fee to cover the groom’s house in the morning or all day. If you are interested in this just ask.

What does an assistant do?

Hannah assists with all weddings. She is responsible for ensuring Graham has all the equipment he needs when he needs it. She also assists as required by holding lights, fixing dresses and helping with shots. Think of Hannah as your ultimate volunteer bridesmaid on the day! She has been assisting at weddings for seven years, so you could say she is pretty good at it by now.

Only one photographer... but I want two!

That isn’t a problem. Most people book us because Graham takes all of the photographs himself because they love our style. If you would like an extra angle on things… or maybe even just shots in the morning of the groom donning his trousers, you can add an associate photographer to your package for an additional fee. Just ask us about it.

Do you do albums?

A lot of time and thought has gone into finding the very best album manufacturer that we could find that would create not just a beautiful finished product, but also one that would last for generations.

All our albums are made to the highest of standards and are individually handmade. They come in an astounding range of covers and colours – so we are sure you will fall in love with your album as much as we do!

All our album packages come with two free parents’ albums included too, for no extra charge. We love to share photos and are sure you will want to also!

Can we add an album later?

You sure can… but… we only include free parents’ albums if you add an album to your package at the time of booking. Think of it as a generous “nudge” to encourage you to buy one of our lovely albums! Albums are also a little more expensive when added afterwards.

Do you travel?

We love to travel and travel all over. Not just around Northern Ireland, but the whole of Ireland, over to England… and even abroad. (We were in Italy last year for Mary & Sue’s beautiful wedding and Winchester for Conor & Fagner’s wedding too!).

Travel is included for weddings within 100 miles of Belfast (that tends to be all of Northern Ireland and bits of the Republic). Anything further and we have to charge I’m afraid to fill our little car with petrol. But don’t worry… it isn’t much. Just call us to see what we can do for you.

For “destination weddings” (i.e. weddings abroad) we just charge for travel and accommodation. It can often work out more economical to bring your photographer with you! Again just ask.

Are you free on my date?

Oh yeah… the most important… and most asked question we get!

The best way to see if we are free on your wedding date is to get in touch directly with us and ask. You can use the big form at the bottom of the page to do it… hint hint – or of course pick up the phone and call the studio on 02890 99 77 98

How much does it cost?

Without knowing exactly what you are after that is a difficult one to answer. Generally speaking… our USB only package starts from £1195 and our generous album packages start from £1495. That includes your album, a USB of your pictures, two free parents’ albums and even a complimentary engagement session. We can also do smaller packages for smaller weddings – just ask.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. Any professional you deal with should have insurance… though we’ve never had to use it… we would be foolish not to have it. We have professional indemnity and public liability insurance. Graham is also a qualified member of the Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland which ensures that he is full-time is his photographs are of a high-quality standard.

Can you hold our date for us until we book?

We would love to… but unfortunately, we can’t hold any dates without a firm booking. If you are really really worried about your date going, we would need a £300 deposit to be paid to secure it.

What we can suggest though, is getting in touch as soon as you can and arranging to either come and see us at the studio for a chat or Skypeing us.

Can we meet?

Sure we can. In fact, we would suggest meeting if possible… or chatting by Skype.

By meeting in person, it not just gives you a chance to see if we click, but also to see that we are not psychos. It also allows us to find out more about you and to show you samples of our lovely albums.

We often meet people outside of office hours (if that works better for you) as we know people have to work. Just get in touch and we can arrange a time to suit you. We are usually open late on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and some Saturday mornings (if we don’t have a wedding or portrait on).

When will my photos be ready?

After your pictures have been taken, we go through your images and work on them individually to make them look great. We do various things to each image… colour correction… cropping… making them look wonderful etc. This takes around four weeks to do. We pride ourselves on our speed as we know you will be excited to see them!

Once processed we’ll place your images on the Cloud so you can download them straight away. We’ll also make your USB and pop it in the post to you.

If you’ve included an album, this takes a bit longer because we need you to pick your favourite images for it. Once the initial design is done, we’ll let you see it online first before it goes to print – giving you the chance to make any final changes. Once approved, it is off to the printers. This takes around five weeks to do.

PS: Although every effort is taken to turn around images in three weeks… sometimes we may need a bit longer, for example at the very height of the summer. But we will try… or Hannah will tell Graham off!

Will you visit our venue before the wedding?

We have been to lots of venues of the years… probably most of the wedding venues in Northern Ireland. As a result we don’t do “site visits” to venues, however, from time to time we get asked about a new venue we have never been to. This is super exciting, as we love to go to new places – if you would like us to visit your venue in advance please let us know and we can arrange this for an additional charge (depending on where the venue is).



Get it on the next page - just fill in your details below

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"Graham and Hannah has such an ability to capture the pure essence of your day and make you feel so special. You really did capture the pure essence of our day and we have a stunning wedding album to match. We love your quirky personalities and style."

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