Getting a Pup for the First Time

Today I write about my experience with my new pup, Blu. So here are all the things I needed before bringing him home and all the lessons I’ve learnt so far…

Blu is a F2 Cockapoo, he is nearly 9 weeks old and is our first family pet (other than the fish and bunny I had when I was 10- for reference I am now 21). He is lively, fun, an attention hog and LOVES a good belly rub- also a massive flex he can sit and do paw… Smart Dog am I right?




This is Blu. What a cutie.

F2 Cockapoo Puppy


 If you are a dog owner, a puppy lover, a new dog mum or dad, or just on the hunt for that new addition to the fam, this blog may be for you.

I am Alex the Marketing and Sales Manager at the Studio. I was a dog… lets say liker… (love wasn’t the really the word) (other than Glyn of course). I always thought ‘oh cute puppy’ but never really wanted one myself. That was until Blu. At 21 getting a puppy was A LOT and IS a lot. So here are all the things I have learnt about pre-puppy prep.


1- Finding the pup.

I found Blu at work funny enough… the nicest family came in to get some Puppy Portraits and just like that I knew he was going to be mine. This was the easiest part…

F2 Cockapoo Pup


2- Insurance.

Oh My Word… this part was HARD… The world of Insurance is insane. There are a million options, a million companies and a million tricky fine print terms and conditions.

So as a young inexperienced dog owner my advice is to take your time, think about what is important to cover, any pre-existing illnesses, accidents, sickness, medication, travel etc. and narrow it down from that. I also found it super helpful to use comparative websites to see all your options! It is super important to read the fine print too… see when your policy becomes active, when you’re covered and what excess you can afford. Find someone who has a pup, get advice and go with your gut (I know this isn’t the best advice but at this point it’s all I’ve got lol).

Oh and side note… Hannah Crichton is great for reading the fine print.


3- Puppy Licence.

Maybe I am stupid but no one ever told me this was a thing so yeah… Its like £12.50 a year and you get it online but yes it exists.


4- Vet.

As soon as you get your pup get him registered. Vaccines. Flee Treatment. Worms. There are lots different plans out there so start your research early! I think for vets the biggest piece of advice I can offer is to check your insurance and vet work together. I nearly got caught with an Insurance that was very strict with who I could be with so that would not have been fun…


5- Shopping.

Okay this part was fun. I googled what I needed to bring home for my pup and went from there. There is a lot of advice out there and a lot of opinions but what I went for was:

  • Poop Bags (and if you wanna really go out there get a poop bag holder)
  • Puppy treats (check they’re age appropriate cuz again oops)
  • Sleeping Crate
  • Chew Toy
  • Cuddle Toy/ some fun cute toys (I went OTT but it’s my baby lol)
  • Check with who you’re buying the puppy from and get food they are used to
  • Blanket
  • toothbrush/ paste
  • Grooming brush
  • Shampoo
  • Bed to grow into
  • Training Pads
  • Food and Water Bowls
  • Car restraint (this is law btw… also news to me)
  • ID Tag, Collar (or Harness) and Lead.

If you are anything like me you will probs get more but this was the list I was given and worked from and so far so good.


6- Bringing Him Home.

This is the best part. Having a pup will result is pee and poop around the house, tears (from you and him), very little sleep and for me a little anxiety cuz he’s so small and new. But there is also a world of happiness, puppy cuddles and some really special moments, like his first ‘sit’ and the excitement he has when I come home.

Don’t be fooled Blu does try and eat EVERYTHING. He is a massives sucker for attention and sitting on the sofa chewing your favourite shirt. It’s hard and it’s a little stressful but the little dude is now a massive part of our family and is worth every part of it.

So that’s it so far. I am no expert and I am learning as I go. But this is the most fun, out of the blue (pun intended), and sweetest adventure yet.

Cute Cockapoo puppy


So there’s a short intro to Blu and the prep before bringing him home… We will be back and we will be sharing the ins and outs of the craziness of puppy training and life as a newly appointed doggy fam.

P.S. If you have a new pup make sure you check out our Pet Portraits and see all we have to offer for you and your fam.

Blu and Alex- Puppy and Owner

Alex 🙂


About Graham

Graham Crichton is an award winning professional portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 17 years of experience and having photographed thousands of people and their pets.

About Hannah

Hannah Crichton is married to Graham (yay) and is the Brand Manager at the studio. Hannah's expertise is in social media and making everything run ticketyboo. She's a Tiktok wizard and loves a good dog pun!

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