Why Studio Pet Photography is Better Than Outdoor Pet Photography


When it comes to capturing memories of our beloved pets, many pet owners struggle to choose between studio and outdoor photography. While outdoor pet photography has its own charm and appeal, there are several reasons why studio pet photography is the better option for capturing the essence of your furry friend.


1. Controlled Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be unpredictable and change quickly, which can affect the quality and consistency of the photos. One of the biggest advantages of studio pet photography is the ability to control the lighting. In a studio, the photographer has the ability to create the perfect lighting environment for your pet, ensuring that their eyes and features are highlighted in the best possible way. This allows for a more flattering and visually appealing image of your pet, and makes it easier for the photographer to capture their unique personality. Outdoors you have to work around the sun, providing a lot more limited chances at getting a great photo.


2. Consistent Backgrounds

Another benefit of studio pet photography is the ability to create consistent backgrounds. In a studio, the photographer can choose a background that complements your pet’s coat and fur color, making the final image more aesthetically pleasing. This consistency is not possible in outdoor pet photography, where the background is constantly changing and may detract from the focus of the image – your pet. We have a broad range of professional background at our studio for you to choose from.


3. Less Distractions

In a studio environment, your pet will be free from distractions, allowing them to focus on the camera and the photographer. Outdoor pet photography often involves distractions such as other animals, people, and cars, making it more challenging to capture the pet’s attention and get a great shot. There is also a chance that other dogs may approach and spook your own dog – which isn’t good for anyone.


4. Greater Flexibility

Studio pet photography also provides greater flexibility for poses and props. In a studio, the photographer can use props and set up poses to create an image that truly captures your pet’s personality. This is not possible in outdoor pet photography, where the surroundings are often not conducive to creative posing and the use of props. You often find outdoor photographers using the same poses again and again due to the limitations.


5. No Need for the Lead!

All venues outdoors, unless on private property will require your pet being on lead at all times. In a studio, your pet can be let off lead to wander around the studio. This is more relaxing for the pet and gives a more natural look. Afterall, who has their dog on their lead at home?


6. Better Equipment

Studio pet photographers have access to professional equipment, such as high-end lighting systems, which allows for better image quality and more creative control over the final image. This results in a more polished and professional-looking final product, compared to outdoor pet photography.


7. Trespassing

All outdoor locations (unless private) require advance permission for commercial photography (and the appropriate insurances). It is nice having photos taken in parks and at country houses, but for this your photographer needs to get permission from a council to take photos in the park, or pay a large amount of money to and get permission from the National Trust to photograph on any of their land nationwide. Councils rarely offer permission for commercial pet shoots, and the National Trust do not permit any commercial pet photography nationwide on their properties. They also have nationawide bye-laws that state that any photographs taken on their property, whether this be private or commercial, belong to the Trust and are not the property of the photographer or the person who they were taken for. With a proper studio, you don’t have to worry about any of that.


6. Unpredictable weather

Outdoor pet photography sessions can be disrupted by weather conditions such as rain, wind, and extreme temperatures, which can affect the quality of the photos and the comfort of your pet.


7. Health and safety concerns

Outdoor locations may present health and safety concerns for your pet, such as exposure to ticks, fleas, and other parasites, or potential dangers such as traffic or poisonous plants. A studio provides a safe and controlled environment for your pet.


8. A professional photo shoot isn’t just about taking great photographs

An advantage of having your photos taken in a proper studio, is that you can make more of the whole experience. When you come back to the studio to see your pictures, you can experience viewing them as they were intended. Unlike your screen on your phone or computer, we have specialist projection equipment that has been calibrated to make sure your pictures look their best. You can also see all the different products we offer and we can even show you what they look like virtually on your own wall, all from the comfort of our cosy viewing room.


In conclusion, while outdoor pet photography has its own unique charm, studio pet photography is the better option for capturing the essence of your furry friend. With the ability to control lighting, create consistent backgrounds, reduce distractions, provide greater flexibility, and access to better equipment, studio pet photography is the way to go for capturing lasting memories of your pet. Overall it is a more relaxed experience, both for you and your pet.


About Graham

Graham Crichton is an award winning professional portrait photographer based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. With 17 years of experience and having photographed thousands of people and their pets.

About Hannah

Hannah Crichton is married to Graham (yay) and is the Brand Manager at the studio. Hannah's expertise is in social media and making everything run ticketyboo. She's a Tiktok wizard and loves a good dog pun!

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