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Book a portrait of your cat or dog for just £25 (includes complimentary 6″ print of your favourite photograph)

They may not be human, but they are family. As a dog owner (and former hamster, rabbit owner and gold fish owner!), I know how much our furry family members mean to us. My specialist area is pet portraiture. I do it differently from other photographers. Anyone can take a picture of their pet on their phone, but what I do is different. I take a portrait. My pictures tell a story and show the real side of your furry friend, showing their emotion, loyalty and quirks. The pictures I produce take pride of place in my client’s homes on their walls, beside their pictures of their human family.

Our studio is pet friendly – we see all sorts, from big dogs to small dogs, rabbits and even cats! We will make your pet feel as much at home at our studio, as they do on their own turf.

Pet portrait sessions usually last around an hour. We like to include a bit of time before the session for your pet to get used to the smell, sight and sounds of our studio. At the end of the shoot, we will show you the types of products we create and shedule a time for you to come back and see the pictures. There is no hard sell and no obligation to buy any products. Product prices start from just £50.

We are proud to support Dog Friendly NI, Lucy’s Trust & Rosie’s Trust

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Pet portraits from £25

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Dog & pet portraits Belfast

How it Works


How much does it cost?

We charge a portrait sitting fee (of £25) to cover our time. The fee does not include any products (unless otherwise stated). We offer a range of different types of products (e.g. frames, prints, digital files) etc. each aimed at different budgets. Products start from just £60 for loose prints and £135 for framed pictures. Every customer is different and we aren't pushy sales people.

Booking your portrait

We have a small, but cosy studio in an old linen mill. We can photograph up to 7 people or 3 pets at the studio. We photograph families, kids & pets. We only photograph babies once they are able to sit up. To book your portrait session with us you can call us at the studio on 02890 99 77 98 or use our online booking system at the bottom of this page.

Getting ready for your shoot

The most important aspect of any shoot is that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Happy people make happy portraits. We make getting your portrait taken a fun and easy-going experience.

For family portraits, we suggest wearing clothes that make you feel good. You know the ones! Avoid wearing white or really pale clothes... because you will vanish if we use a white background! You might also want to wear matching socks... as you may need to take your shoes off to walk on our background. Clothes that may age, such as ones with logos, are best avoided.

If you have a favourite hobby or sport and have some props... BRING THEM WITH YOU! You know the sort, musical instruments, footballs etc. They make for awesome pictures and also tell the world who you are!

For pets, we suggest walking them and letting them do their business before the shoot. If they are like our Glyn and very excited, we would recommend tiring them out as much as you can beforehand! Bring their favourite toys and squeakers with you too! Try to avoid giving them treats during the shoot - as this will distract them.

If your shoot involves a little one, we understand that some wee'uns become ill or just aren't in the best form. If this is the case, just give us a call and we can re-schedule. We don't mind as cancellations are included once free of charge.

Seeing your photographs

Once you shoot is over, we will decide a time that is convenient to you to get you back in again to see your pictures on our big projection screen. We call this an ordering session and you will have a chance to pick the pictures you would like to order. It usually happens a week or so after the shoot. It is really important that all those who make decisions in your family attend this session. If someone can't make it, we will have to reschedule it to a time that they can. As we have said, we aren't pushy people and will send you a full price list when you book (or before if you ask us).

Payment for all products ordered is taken at the end of the session. We accept cash and all major types of credit/debit card. We also offer payment plans for purchases over £250.

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we do. You can buy them here: Buy Gift Vouchers Here

Can you send me a price list?

Sure, we can. Just drop us a line telling us about the type of portrait you are interested in, the number of people/pets attending and anything else you can think of. We will fire you a brochure back by email

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Pet portraits from £25

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