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(or as we prefer to call it, your “tail”) – This is the Graham Crichton Photography Experience

Getting to know you

Getting to know you...

Our friendly bookings team is here to help you find the perfect time for your photoshoot, guiding you through each step of the process. We're excited to learn about what you hope to capture in your session.

Remember, every photoshoot is wonderfully unique, and we love that! Your photographer will get in touch a few days beforehand to get to know you and discuss fun and personalized ideas for your shoot. They'll be on hand to suggest clothing options, color themes, and any personal touches you might want to include, ensuring your images are as special and unique as you are!

Your portrait session

Typically, our sessions span one hour, during which we explore numerous combinations, backgrounds, and lighting styles tailored to your preferences.

In our studio, our seasoned team ensures you feel comfortable and at ease. Many of our clients have shared how the photoshoot exceeded their expectations in terms of enjoyment. So, sit back, relax, and savor the experience!

Your Photo Session
Digital Editing

Editing & 'Photoshop' magic!

Photography is not just an art form captured through the lens, but also involves intricate digital craftsmanship that unfolds post-shoot. The effort and expertise invested in editing, designing, and retouching your photos are frequently overlooked. This meticulous process creates a personalized showcase, allowing you to view your images exactly as envisioned by your photographer.

Your personalised viewing

A few days following your shoot, we warmly welcome you to revisit us for a viewing session. Here, you'll delight in seeing your images displayed on our classic cinema screen, offering a unique and enjoyable presentation.

Our team is at your service, assisting you in choosing your favorite images and providing expert recommendations on finishes and framing styles that complement both your home decor and budget.

For a tailored experience, we suggest bringing photos and approximate measurements of the spaces in your home where you're considering showcasing your images. Leveraging our specialized software, we can present your photos in various framing options and project them to scale, enabling you to visualize how they'll look in your own home.

Your Viewing
Framed Portraits

Enjoy for years to come

Stunning portraits have the ability to utterly transform a space, creating breathtaking centerpieces that convey cherished memories with your family and friends. These portraits become lasting fixtures in your home, encapsulating and celebrating moments that will endure for many years.

What would you like us to photograph?

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Other stuff we feel is important


Sensory awareness
If you or any of your party have any particular needs that you would like to make us aware of, please let us know in advance of your session. We are sensory aware, with all our staff having completed training and examinations with Autism NI. If you need us to turn the lights down, quiet the music, or just want to come to see us before your session – we’re here for you.
Everyone hates having their photo taken
This is perfectly normal, and Graham hates having his photo taken too! We make sure we put you at ease, before we start even taking a single photo. Graham is a great people person and is the master of distraction! So if you’re feeling nervous before your session, don’t worry. You only have to look at the hundreds and hundreds of reviews we have to see he knows how to get the very best out of you, without you feeling uncomfortable. If you’d like to chat or visit the studio before your session, please just get in touch. It would be no trouble at all.
Nervous dogs
We are used to seeing all sorts of dogs. It goes with the business. Dogs are very much like people. They like their own surroundings and sometimes new environments can take a little getting used to. If your dog is nervous, you may want to bring them to the studio for a good sniff-about before your session. Everyone thinks their dog won’t sit or behave, but that’s just normal. Trust us, we have seen it all.
Additional needs? Don't be shy
We want your experience with us to not just be great, but truly awesome. If there is anything at all that we can do to help make your experience better please get in touch. You aren’t bothering us, and we are here to help.


Remember, it’s your experience and we want to make it the best one.


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Just ask us. We'll get back to you within 24 hours. If it's important please phone us instead on 02890 99 77 98.

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