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Portrait product range & pricing


We believe that photographs are something to be seen and shared, not hidden in a drawer somewhere. That is why we specialise in professionally produced wall portraiture, that really makes a house a home. We print all our our work in-house and use a skilled local framer to hand create all our wall frames. Our products are heirlooms that we know you will cherish for many years to come.


How much does a portrait cost?

We often get asked "How much for a portrait?", and the truth is, it depends. It depends on what you want. Graham's job is to take photographs of that make you want to buy them all, but in reality, what you choose to purchase is entirely up to you. Some people spend £400 and some people spend £3000. It's your choice. We've a broad range of products to suit every budget. There's no hard sell and we aren't pushy people. We are going to guide you to the best product(s) that suit you and your home - and the best package that suits your budget.

Our brochure (that can be downloaded below) contains a full list of all our products and prices and we also offer several ways to pay, including spreading your payments over a period of time, using 0% interest finance. We like to think this makes our portraiture accessible to all.

Do you offer finance?

Yes, we have partnered with PayItMonthly, one of the UK's most trusted finance providers. Through them, we offer 0% interest payments where you can spread your payment over up to 10 months for no additional charge to you. Ask us about this if you are interested.

I want everything!

We hope that you love the pictures Graham takes to want everything! 😉 We know how difficult it can be to choose just one image from the photos we take. We've thought of that! Most of our clients order more than one product when they see their images, as they just love what they see. If you are like this, then you are not alone! Here's some options to get the most out of your images:

1. Check out our 'Bundles'

These are by far our most popular offering. We've created a range of pre-defined 'Bundles' that contain a combination of some of our most popular products at an affordable price. These 'Bundles' come at a great saving. Check them out in our brochure or ask us about these, as they are a great way to save on our products.

2. Buy any wall product, storybook or storybox and get 25% off digital images

Our digital images can be purchased on their own, but we find they are even better when accompanied with any of our wall products, storybooks or storyboxes, as you get 25% off them. They are available in quantities of 6, 12, 18, 25 and 50+.

3. We've a range of smaller gift frames too

We have a beautiful range of smaller framed products, such as gift frames, starting from just £95. We also have print boxes and albums available too.

Don't forget we also offer flexible ways of paying with 0% interest

Payment for your products can be made in full at the end of your viewing & ordering session, however we also offer 0% interest free finance which can be spread over up to 10 months. Ask us about this.

How about 5% cashback?

Pay in full for your products at the end of your ordering session and we'll also give you 5% cashback. Ask us about this.

Do you do digital images?

Yes, we offer digital images. Although our wall products are the most popular products with our customers, we find that most people like digital images too. Digital images can be purchased on their own or make a great accompaniment to any of our wall range. If you purchase them with ANY wall product, we will even offer you 25% off the digital images. We find that most people don't need all digital images, so we have made them available in different quantities - or if you do want them all, they can be purchased too!

Traditional Wall Frames

Framed Wall Portraits

Our wall portrait range is designed to put you in charge. Work with our experienced in-house Portrait Art Design Consultant to pick and choose the pieces to customise your wall décor. They will guide you through each step. Watch on the screen as you build your frame, highlighting your choices, as we bring your portrait to life.

Prices range from £449 to £973 (or from £44 to £97 per month)

Traditional Wall Frames

Heirloom Collections

Our Herloom Collection of wall frames has been created to transform a wall in to a focal point. They can be displayed together as a collection on a single wall, or split up and arranged around your home. They are perfect for passing on to those important to you as time moves on. Locally handmade in our Classic style with a single matt surround, these frames will look impressive wherever you choose to display them.

Prices range from £598 to £1843 (or from £59 to £184 per month)

Storyboard Wall Frames

Storyboard Frames

The ultimate piece for any wall. Our Artisan Storyboard frame is designed to showcase multiple images in a single frame - displaying your images in a square grid - the perfect way to tell a story.

Prices range from £621 to £1141 (or from £62 to £114 per month)

Storyboard Wall Frames

Panorama Canvas

The traditional canvas has evolved. Our Panorama Canvas is printed in-house with a modern panoramic take and enclosed in a handmade box frame. A breathtaking piece of wall art. Available in two sizes.

Prices range from £744 to £861 (or from £74 to £86 per month)



We turn heads with our images, but our Orb frames turn even more heads. Our unique fine-art Orb range of circular frames are fun and contemporary - and really do get mouths and tails wagging.

Prices range from £925 to £2079 (or from £92 to £207 per month)

Desk Frames

Storybox Print Box

A collection of ten 7x5” individually matted prints presented in a personalised luxury keepsake box. Ideal for any coffee table, or gifting to loved ones

Prices range from £645 to £775 (or from £64 to £77 per month)

Digital Images

Storybook Album

A great addition to any wall piece and perfect on any coffee table or bookshelf. A ten inch luxury storybook album showcasing around twenty of your favourite images - or go rogue and include some really breathtaking double page spreads. Available in different quantities of images.

Prices range from £695 to £845 (or from £69 to £84 per month)

Digital Images

Digital Images

The same high quality full-sized digital images we use to create our products - ideal for sharing. Individual files start from £84 and are available in quantities of 6 and upwards.

Prices range from £449 to £999 (or from £44 to £99 per month)

Save 25% off digital images when you purchase any wall product, storybook or storybox

Digital Images

Cinematic Slideshow

Re-live the emotion of your session with a slideshow set to music to view on your computer, tablet and phone

Price £450 (or from £45 per month)

Digital Images

Desk Frames to Share

Give the gift of love with a small gift frame

Prices range from £95 to £335 (or from £9 to £33 per month)

The prices and promotions mentioned on this page are valid from 1st September 2023. For information and terms and conditions on promotions please refer to brochure. Pricing and offers subject to change without notice.

Get the portrait brochure & price list

We'll send you our brochure & price list by email - we promise not to spam you

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Download the Portrait Brochure & Price List


We're highly recommended on Google

Bethany & Riley


Highly recommend Graham Crichton Photography. The studio is beautiful, clean and so well decorated there is even a water bowl at the ready to make sure your pet is comfortable at all times.

Our dog instantly took to Graham, who got down to his level and made sure to properly introduce himself! When it came down to photos our dog was very relaxed and we were able to make good use of all the props at disposal to ensure on the cutest pictures! I am so impressed with how the photos came out and can easily see why Graham has the reputation he does as they are something I am going to treasure for a lifetime.

To top off all of this Graham himself is so genuine and somehow manages to keep the jokes flowing all while taking these stunning photographs.

Niall & Ovie


We had an excellent time with Graham taking photos of our little pup Ovie. He was very professional in the current climate and also made it very enjoyable for all of us. We had a second session to review our photos and select our desired shots which was very difficult given the quality of all the images. A really enjoyable experience altogether and would highly recommend.

Debbie & Max


From the moment I entered Graham studio it was relaxing professional and thus the quality of my pictures I was blown away as they were natural and a great memory put into print. Graham was brilliant with my dogs whom I thought they would not sit omg he did something magic have some brilliant fabulous pictures of happy dogs ...this word happy sums up my experience at Graham studio and the pictures. ..I will come back for more pictures. ....turn your dream into reality ..

We tell tails.


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