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Frequently Asked Questions

If it's free, why do I need to pay a £25 deposit?

Although there is no charge for your free portrait session, we take a £25 refundable deposit when you book. This will be refunded to you when you have come back to see your photographs, or it can be put towards anything you buy from your session. Deposits are not refundable in the event of cancellation or not attending.

How much do pet portraits cost?

There isn't a charge for your free session, but if you do decide to purchase anything from your session our prices start from £69 for a desk frame, £195 for a wall frame and from £300 for digital images. Every person is different and there is no pressure to purchase anything, but to give you an idea, most people who do purchase images from their session usually spend around £300+ on average.

Do you have any offers or promotions if I buy more than one image?

We sure do! You will find a list of current offers on our price list. Ask us for a copy. We also offer a free print with every gift voucher purchased.

Do you offer ways to spread the cost?

We understand that purchasing a portrait can be quite an investment - that is why we offer several different ways for you to pay for our products. If you aren't paying in full for your order at your ordering session, you can pay by two methods of finance - both at 0% interest. Our 'third party' 0% finance option is provided by PayItMonthly. If you choose this option you will be required to provide two forms of ID at the time of your ordering session and will go through a credit check. As a responsible business we will also be required to ask you to answer some questions to ensure you can afford the re-payments. A 10% downpayment of your order is required on our third party finance option and your order will be produced once your first payment has been made. Alternatively, we also offer an 'in house' 0% finance option where you do not need to go through a credit check and we take 20% downpayment, however you will not receive your goods until your final payment has been made. Unfortunately, any offers are not available to orders purchased on finance.

Can we buy digital copies of the images?

Yes. We offer digital images in quantities of 5, 10, 20 or every image. We also have some offers available on digital images if you are purchasing other products. Please ask us for a copy of our price list for more details.

Can I bring more than one pet with me?

One pet is included in your free session, however you can add additional pets for a charge of £10 per each additional pet. If you do bring more than one pet, you must bring an additional person with you to help. We will photograph one pet at a time and then all pets, if time allows. If you believe your pet(s) will find the shoot difficult, you may only want to bring one with you. All pets must live together and be from the same household.

How long does a session take?

Our pet and family portrait sessions usually last around an hour. Sometimes they may last longer, depending on the number of subjects being photographed. Your follow up viewing and ordering session, which takes place around a week after your session, lasts around an hour also.

Should I bring someone with me?

 Ideally bringing another person with you will help your shoot go smoother. While one person is managing your pet, the other can be getting their attention with a squeaky toy for example.

Should we bring any toys or props?

 Yes, bring their favourite toys and any costumes you have for them. We may not get around to using any or all of them, but as they say, variety is the spice of life!

Can humans be in the shoot?

 Yes, you are their family too! We will mostly take individual photos of your pet(s) by themselves, and then some of you together at the end of the shoot.

What if my pets are hyper?

 Like humans, pets can get excited in new spaces. We give them a little time at the start of the shoot to get ready to their surroundings. You can let them off their lead as soon as you enter the studio. This usually calms an animal down. You should also try to exhaust your pet as much as possible before the shoot. E.g. a long walk before the shoot begins. We can't photograph pets who run around, so this will help. But ultimately, you will need to control your pet once in the studio and be hands on with them. If you don't think they will sit or you don't think you will be able to do this, then this may not be for you.

My pets don't get on... can I have a photo of them together?

 If your pets don't get on, we would suggest not having their picture taken together. This can create undue stress for your pet and just isn't fair on them. If they don't get on in real life, they aren't going to co-operate for having their photo taken together.

My pet widdles a lot, is this a problem?

 We understand when you gotta go, you gotta go. We are used to pets "relieving" themselves accidently in our studio. Taking them out before the shoot will eliminate this for the most part. If you pet suffers from a medical condition where they repeatedly relieve themselves however, a studio session will not be suitable for your pet.

My pet is very nervous, should we have their photo taken?

 Our studio is relaxed, warm and friendly. We have a lot of nervous pets that come through our doors. If you make us aware of this in advance, we will know to take more time with them and be gentler.

Should I bring treats with me?

Pets are pets. They aren't people. We can't put on them the same expectations as we do people. If they don't want to co-operate there is nothing we can do to make them co-operate. Bringing treats and toys can help to distract them. Giving them too many treats will be counter productive though!

How long does it take to receive my finished images?

Once your session has finished, we will set a date for you to come back to see your images. Once ordered, we aim to deliver orders within 5 weeks of ordering where orders are paid for in full at the time of ordering. Orders paid on third party finance will be produced once your first payment has been made and then take a further 5 weeks to be completed. Orders placed on our 'in-house' finance option will not be produced until your final payment has been made, and will take a further 5 weeks to be completed. Please note: All viewings must be done in person at our studio. We do not post images online to view, so you will need to attend your viewing session to see your pictures.

We’ve family coming from Australia, but your opening times don’t suit - can you be flexible?

We sure can. If none of our opening times suit you, just get in touch and we will see what we can do.


Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions: New customers only. Previous customers cannot take part. Valid for 3 months. One shoot per household. Subjects can’t appear in more than one shoot. For pet shoots: 1 pet is included free of charge, up to 2 additional pets may be added for a charge of £10 per each additional pet. Can be swapped for a family portrait if preferred (minimum of 3 people, maximum of 11 people per shoot). Humans can feature in pet portraits too! Person booking must be 18+. Standard pet or family shoots only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Can be withdrawn or changed without notice. No cash alternative. At the end of your shoot we will arrange a date and time for you to come back to see your pictures. You will need to attend both the shoot and this follow up viewing session to get your free product. Shoots/sessions cannot be re-scheduled. Deposits are only refundable when you have attended both your session and follow up viewing session. Deposits are not refundable in the event of cancellation or not showing to both your session and viewing session. Full terms and conditions available at the time of booking.

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