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Welcoming a new baby into your family is a magical experience, filled with love and joy. Our baby photography services are designed to capture these precious early moments, creating timeless memories for you to cherish.

In the whirlwind of emotions that accompany the arrival of a newborn, our goal is to provide you with beautiful, breath-taking baby portraits that tell the story of your growing family. These early days are fleeting, and our expert baby photographers ensure that the innocence and beauty of your newborn are captured in stunning, high-quality images.

Our baby photography studio specializes in newborn and baby photoshoots, combining over 50 years of experience with a passion for capturing the essence of your little one. We understand the importance of these moments, and our professional photographers are dedicated to creating a relaxed, safe, and memorable photoshoot experience for both you and your baby.

Join us in our journey of creating heart-warming, emotional baby photographs that reflect the unique bond you share with your newborn. Let us help you preserve these once-in-a-lifetime moments with our expert baby photography services, creating a visual story of your family's love and growth that you'll treasure for years to come.

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Cherishing the first days: The value of newborn photography

Expecting a baby or welcoming a newborn into your life is a whirlwind of excitement and responsibility. Amidst the flurry of doctor's appointments, nursery preparations, and learning the ropes of caring for a tiny new life, it's easy to sideline the idea of a newborn photoshoot. However, it's worth pausing to consider its significance.

The Risk of Missing Out: Through our years in photography, we've encountered numerous parents who regret not capturing their newborn's earliest moments. Conversely, we've never heard anyone regret having these precious memories photographed. Babies grow and change incredibly fast, whether they're the firstborn or the youngest in the family. Capturing this fleeting phase is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A Timeless Connection:

Think about it – do you have a professional portrait from your own early days with your parents? If not, might you wish for such a cherished memory? Imagine the feeling of seeing a photograph capturing your parents' youthful pride, holding you at the beginning of your life, a testament to their love and dedication.

These photographs grow in emotional value over the years, not just for parents but also for the children who will one day look back at them with wonder and appreciation.

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When is the best time for a newborn photography session?

We find the optimal time for newborn photography sessions is when your baby is between 6 and 14 days old. This is a magical period where your baby will be sleeping deeply and can be gently positioned into those adorable, heartwarming poses with ease.

In the blink of an eye, babies undergo remarkable changes, especially in the week following birth. Capturing their precious, delicate features during this fleeting phase is something truly special.

Understanding the unique needs of newborns, we allocate additional time in our studio for these sessions. Typically lasting up to two hours, these shoots are designed to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible for your little one. Throughout the session, there's ample time for feeding, diaper changes, and of course, lots of cuddles, ensuring your baby remains content.

We also warmly encourage the participation of other family members in the shoot. It's a wonderful opportunity to include siblings, grandparents, or other close relatives in these cherished memories.

To secure your preferred date and time, we recommend reaching out to us a couple of weeks prior to your expected due date. This allows us to schedule a session around your baby’s arrival.

If your baby is slightly older than 14 days, don't hesitate to contact us. We're more than happy to provide advice and tailor a session to suit your needs. We're here to support you every step of the way!


Babies aged 6 months & beyond

A great time to schedule your baby's next photo session is when they reach the sitting-up milestone, typically around 6-8 months of age. At this stage, your baby has grown significantly in both size and strength, and their emerging personality adds a wonderful dimension to the photographs.

Opting for a session during this period allows your photographer to capture your baby's developing character and those delightful, mischievous expressions. It's an opportunity to document the charming interactions between you and your baby – whether it's the way they gaze at you while cradled in your arms or their tiny fingers grasping yours.

Wondering when the perfect time is for your baby's photoshoot? Feel free to call us at 02890 99 77 98 for personalised advice. We're here to guide you in choosing the ideal time to capture those beautiful moments with your little one.

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Let's get you booked in for your newborn/baby portrait experience...

Our newborn and baby portrait sessions are great for recording those little details, where time goes by so quickly. Family can be included too, but you may want to leave the pets at home... atleast until they're a little bit older. Our newborn and baby portrait packages start from £175 and include:

  • One hour studio portrait session with our baby photographer, Emma
  • Pre-session phone chat to get your ready for the shoot
  • Family are also welcome to be in your photos too!
  • We’ve a ton of props, blankets, hats etc. but you’re welcome to bring your own too!
  • Come back a week later to see your edited pictures on our big screen
  • There’s no pressure and no hard sell – just order what you love when you come back to see your pictures

PLUS includes £75 credit towards any of our products (products start from £125 – see our Products & Pricing page)



If your baby is able to sit up on their own, please book a child portrait session instead:

  • For children that can sit up on their own without help
  • Parents, family and even pets can be included
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We were a bit nervous...
We were with Graham Crichton with our 2 dogs Annie and Tibbers during the summer. We were a bit nervous about Tibbers as he can be quite reactive with new people. Graham and Hannah were absolutely fabulous with Tibbers and he enjoyed every moment of it, as you can see by his smiles! The photos are absolutely stunning and we opted for the photobook which turned out beautifully and is now displayed in our livingroom proudly! I cannot recommend Graham Crichton enough! Graham and Hannah are a lovely pair and we had a great time and many laughs with them both, professional and down to earth, genuine people!
Graham and Hannah went above and beyond
Graham recently took my two sisters and I's graduation photos and we couldn't recommend him enough. Both Graham and Hannah went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and welcomed in the studio and even accommodated additional opening hours to suit us. The quality of the photos are perfection and you could not have got better! We highly, highly recommend to anyone! Thanks Graham!
The whole process was effortless
I went to Graham for passport photos. I needed print copies for my Canadian passport and a digital copy for my Irish one. Graham and Hannah made the whole process absolutely effortless and the photos were perfect. Not only are they true professionals, you couldn’t find lovelier people to photograph you or your pet! And the cost of the photos was very reasonable.
It was magic
We had a photoshoot for our 1 year old's birthday and brought our 3 year old beagle along too. How Graham got a toddler and a dog to pose at the same time, I'll never know...magic!! The shoot was so much fun and very relaxed and the photos were absolutely amazing. We got a few of them framed and they are very good quality. I highly recommend Graham and will definitely be back!


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